Students' Environmental Project Leads to Meeting With President

For most of us, the closest we will ever get to the president is watching him on TV, but eight students at Cairo High School got to meet President Bush face to face.

The students were part of an "environmental issues outreach project" and received an environmental youth award.

Anna Dorsey, a Cairo High School student, says, "I loved standing up there with him, shaking his hand and talking to him, it was wonderful."

Cairo High School students get closer to the environment in this outdoor classroom. Science teacher Jennifer Hand took it one step further, but her students never expected to win this plaque, especially not from the president.

Jennifer hand, a biology teacher at Cairo High School, says, "They said that they would submit certificates to the students for participating, so I submitted our project and our efforts."

Keri Cassels, another Cairo High School student, adds, "And then all of a sudden we get an e-mail saying we won the region award and we get to meet the president."

Vikram Jambulapati says, "This recognition will hopefully encourage other schools, other people in our community to do the same thing, to act with good intentions and hopefully be rewarded."

Their reward: receiving national recognition from the president and being known as hometown celebrities. The Cairo High School students extend a challenge to other schools to get involved in the community and in environmental projects.