Children Take Part in Rodeo

They are throwing on their cowboy hats and boots for the fun. Dozens of special needs kids from around south Georgia gathered in Berrien County on Thursday to enjoy a day of fun farm activities.

The children got to enjoy everything from a ride on a live horse to an imaginary horse to trying to lasso a bull.

Prissy Massingill, the organizer, says, "Just using the rope, or the basic skills that you and I take for granted, putting your foot in the stirrup and swinging your leg over the horse, it’s a big effort for some of these kids to be able to do that."

Some of the older students are using this event to get ready for the Georgia Special Olympics.

Stanley Flowers, who is 17 years old, says, "We're doing our show here so we can be prepared for whatever is thrown our way."

The older students say it’s really fun showing off their skills to younger special needs kids. Organizers say getting up on one of these beautiful horses is very therapeutic for the kids, and it’s a life lesson they'll take with them for many years.

Massingill says, "It’s very therapeutic and a lot of these kids, their personality comes out on a day like today when they don't normally speak much, or smile much, you really see a big change in them."

That's what makes this annual event so special to the children, the organizers and the volunteers from Berrien County High School.

Organizers say the event is made possible through the hard work of volunteers from around south Georgia.