A Different Kind of Test at School

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Baseball is considered the great American pastime, yet this all American sport is getting stuck with a stigma.

David Wilson, the coach at Lincoln High School, says, "I watched the congressional hearing, and problem with steroids and Major League sports."

Florida lawmakers are trying to keep high school athletes from running the same course by creating the nation’s first statewide steroid testing program for high school athletes.

Patrick Wells, a Lincoln High School baseball player, says, "I think it would be fine. I have nothing to hide."

However, the federal Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta says steroid use has more than doubled among high school students.

The bill would require schools to randomly test athletes for performance enhancing drugs. When it comes to costs, early estimates throw out well over a million dollars as a ball park figure to conduct the test.

Whatever the route, local athletes and coaches say they'll adhere to any law or policy lawmakers put into play. By a vote of 118 to zero, the Florida House of Representatives passed the bill, yet the Senate version is in its judiciary committee.

As far as school districts that already test for steroids, Polk County does. Reports say they are expected to give about 600 this year.