Horse Clings to Life After Being Shot

In his days as a rodeo horse, Bo leapt over bulls to save his rider's life, and now John Roland is doing what he can to save his horse's life.

Earlier this week Bo did not come with the other horses for his regular feeding.

John Roland says, "I found he had been shot approximately 37 times. Our neighbor, a little kid, has a shotgun and a rifle, and he repeatedly shoots towards my horses and my house."

Bo was treated by veterinarian Dr. Mary Rogers and had two of the pellets removed. Dr. Rogers says that they are concerned about the pellets migrating into Bo's body and causing an infection.

Paula Henderson, John's daughter, says, "I feel that him having to worry about his neighbors shooting a gun towards his house and his family and his animals, the Brooks County Sheriff's Department should act upon it immediately and not hesitate."

The Brooks County sheriff says a juvenile has been charged with cruelty to animals.

According to sheriffs, the minor's first court appearance should be scheduled for next week. Dr. Rogers says they plan on removing as many pellets as possible and continuing to monitor for signs of infection.