Public Transportation Means Freedom for Many

The movie "Riding the Bus With My Sister" is narrated by the woman's sister telling the story of what happens after they discover the public bus system. This true story is one that plays out every day all over the country, including right here in Tallahassee.

Beth Butterfield has lived in Tallahassee most of her life. For years now, Beth has been a loyal rider on the City of Tallahassee TalTran bus system.

Beth uses it to go to work, home, and most importantly, to play, and without it she'd be stranded.

Beth says, "My life would not be as exciting as it is now. That's the main thing."

Beth is a client at Habilitation Management Services, an organization that helps those with disabilities find all the resources available.

HMS helps Beth get her free bus pass every month. HMS says the bus pass is really a lifeline.

Janice Philips of HMS says, "It does allow people a certain level of independence."

Lynn Renaud also says, "It means freedom. They're able to get out into the community without having to schedule things prior."

So if you're ever on the bus and you need some help getting on the right one or finding the right stop, just ask Beth. She's a pro.

"Riding the Bus With My Sister" stars Rosie O'Donnell and Andie McDowell. The movie will air on Sunday right here on CBS, starting at 9:00.