Stephen C. Smith Regatta

Sunday was the first ever Parrot Head Parade of Boats at the Stephen C. Smith Regatta.

The boats lined the shore with island decorations that would have made a Jimmy Buffet fan smile. It's all part of a decades old event that raises money every year for the American Cancer Society.

"We're so appreciative and we're a little unique because this doesn't happen at every unit of the American Cancer Society, but since this is the thirty second year since they've formed a foundation, I think they've donated over a $100,000," said Larry Buck, the American Cancer Society chair.

It's a lot of money, and the American Cancer Society counts on those funds every year, so this year when the rain started falling some organizers worried it would be bad for business.

"Despite the rain, we've had an incredible turnout. I honestly believe the Parrot Head Parade had a lot to do with that," said Tigger Gray, an auctioneer.

"For this very first Parrot Head Parade we're very happy that everybody came out," added Leah Chapin, auction chairwoman.

As soon as the parade was over, mother nature took over and dumped more rain on Shell Point Beach.

Judging by the crowd, the Parrot Head Parade will be back next year. Tigger Gray said there were more people on the beach for the parade this year during the rain than there were last year in great weather.