Big Bend's Best Mom Contest: Pat Conner

Married almost 40 years to her childhood sweetheart, Pat Conner knows how to keep things sizzlin'.

Al Conner, her husband, says, "It's not just her cookin' and cleanin,' it's the love she shows every day and I certainly appreciate it. I love her."

After a quick bite it's off to work for this realtor of 15 years. Pat works closely with her longtime business partner and her son-in-law.

"She's like a second mom to me,” he says.

And for good reason! Mrs. Conner is the reason Masoud and her daughter Amy said "I do."

She had found him and said he was a perfect match, and apparently she was right.

The proud mother of two schedules in four generations throughout the week. First, a daily visit with her 81-year-old mother who lives in an assisted living facility.

Pat doesn't miss an appointment with her four grandchildren.

Amanda Conner, pat's granddaughter, says, "She picks me up twice a week and then we go get lunch and spend time together."

And on Tuesdays she signs in for lunch in the Hawks Rise Elementary Cafeteria, knowing exactly what to bring Zachary and Hanna. Pat says she keeps this busy schedule because wants to cherish every moment.

"Children are only children for so long. When you miss these days, then you miss these days. It's something I enjoy, and I think they enjoy too."

It’s an understatement if you ask her family, especially her number one fan.

Amy Karimipour, Pat's daughter, says, "She's the person I look to for everything. She made me who I am. Her values taught me to love other people and build my family. I don't think I can put it into words."