SAT/ACT Requirement Removed in Georgia for Two-Year Colleges

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Like most seniors, Jennifer Webb is all too familiar with the stress that comes free with the dreaded SAT, but recent news of the Board of Regents’ decision to eliminate the standardized test requirement at two-year colleges has shed new light on the tests.

Jennifer Webb, a Lowndes High senior, says, "I've taken the SAT twice in order to improve my score to get into the college I plan on attending, and I know some friends that would be very pleased that they don't have to take it now."

Key to the board's decision was data that showed performance on the SAT or ACT gave two-year schools no real advantage in predicting how well students will do when they get there.

And while the new requirement has many high schoolers breathing a sigh of relief, guidance counselors at Lowndes High say they’re still going to encourage all students to take the test just to see how well they perform.

Peggy Wilkes, a Lowndes High guidance counselor, says, "We won't discourage them from taking the test to see where they stand, but we'll certainly let them know this is a great option for them to pursue."

It has many two-year colleges excited about next year's admission's numbers, and students more excited about their future.

The elimination of the standardized test admission requirement for two-year colleges leaves Wisconsin as the only state with such requirements.