Gadsden County FCAT Scores Improve

Gadsden County school officials are excited to learn their district has made significant gains.

Students at the elementary school are excited about the good news. School officials say they've showed major improvements on several portions of the FCAT.

Principal Alma West says, "We have gotten together and purchased a new program, and it's called TSI. It teaches us to analyze data in a totally different fashion, and with the help of God we have been able to work with our children."

And with the help of the community, these children have been able to turn the pages to academic success.

Superintendent Reginald James says, "The entire community has rallied around our efforts, including faith based organizations. We cannot say enough about our teachers, administrators. I think the community at large has rallied around our students and that's made a tremendous difference.”

This tremendous difference has been noted by the Department of Education. The superintendent received an e-mail congratulating the district for all its hard work, and so far James is hoping the future will be brighter than the past, making gains in all parts of the FCAT.

FCAT scores should be revealed next week. Meanwhile, the districts are expected to receive letter grades in June.