Meet Finalist Number Two in Our "Big Bend's Best Mom" Contest

We knew we had a character on our hands when we asked Ms. Shelia Tillman her age. Her spirit is even more amazing when you consider this is her first day home from the hospital in weeks.

But a chronic spine disease doesn't keep her down. She's got children and grandchildren to take care of, not to mention she's a favorite among her three daughters’ friends.

Shonkisha Jones, her daughter, says, “Most of my friends go through stuff. They can't talk to their mom about it, but they can talk to mine.”

When her children were young, Ms. Tillman was a single mom, worked two jobs and put herself through school.

Shelia says, “I knew in order to succeed I had to have an education so life could be better for them.”

That statement is literally true for Ms. Shelia's neighbors. During the hurricane season of 2004 a tree crashed through the Weavers’ home, leaving a family of nine homeless, but Ms. Tillman wouldn't have it.

Two of the Weavers are still staying with the grandmother of soon to be six. In her letter to WCTV, Shonkisha says her mom is known as “Ms. Smiley,” a fitting nickname, seeing it hooked her husband.

Ondre Tillman, Shelia's husband, says, “One thing I guess was her smile, that million dollar smile.”

Through ups and downs it's that smile her family counts on, and she'll gladly tell you where it comes from.

“The number one thing is if you stay with the Lord and stay with Jesus, anything is possible.”