No Room for Fashion

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Back in 2003, a few students in Gadsden County took offense to the rebel flag worn on the t-shirts of other students.

Fast forward to now: school Superintendent Reginald James is wanting uniforms for all elementary school students in Gadsden County, hoping to stop these types of issues from resurfacing.

Reginald James says, "We've found that in schools where student wear uniforms, discipline incidents decrease and academic focus increases, so we're certainly interested in decreasing discipline problems we may have."

James also sees this as an opportunity for area parents to save a little money during school shopping, like Benita Rittman, who is also a child psychologist. She says research shows uniforms cause a rise in academics with a decrease in violent behavior among children.

Benita explains, "That's one of the areas where a lot of children have conflict, regarding what they wear, how torn it is, children trying to uphold and image by saving face with their friends when they should be concentrating on their lesson."

Superintendent James hopes to get community backing to see all elementary students in uniforms by this fall. Next Tuesday, May 10, a public meeting is being held at George Munroe Elementary on the issue.