Bomb-Bearing Students Smacked With Explosive News

Sean Gregory Howard and Michael David Quinif are charged with possession and manufacture of a destructive device, which is a felony.

Police say the explosive rocked the Thomasville High School parking lot as students arrived and parents dropped off. The explosive, police say, was made of household products including a soda bottle.

SGT Rachelle Denmark, a school resource officer supervisor, says, "Because the bottle actually does explode and the plastic could act as shrapnel, and if it was in a closed space, you're talking about hearing damage, potential for the shrapnel effect."

Officials at the high school say the two seniors are good kids.

Dr. Tom McCall, the principal, says, "They do not get in trouble on campus. They're well liked, but, uh, they just made an extremely poor choice."

It’s a choice that's led to a tough lesson for the two students. Police advise others to think twice.

Denmark adds, "If you're thinking, ‘I'm a senior and I'm about to graduate,’ think long and hard about what you're going to do because usually pranks end up with trouble."

Tuesday night the county jail says Quinif and Howard are out on bond. The school's principal says both are suspended for 10 days. During that time, they'll go before a district tribunal where a decision on further punishment will be made.

Police say there were no serious injuries reported. A school janitor, however, was examined and released from a local hospital for ringing in his ears.