Capital Circle Expansion Project Begins

Another phase of Blueprint 2000 will soon take place: an expansion of Capital Circle Southeast.

Residents around Capital Circle Southeast are well aware of the traffic congestion, and they say it can be annoying.

Sandra Himelein, a Tallahassee resident, says, “I've been here for about three weeks now, and it's very frustrating for me to get out of the verandas because of the traffic."

Blueprint 2000 officials say that needed improvements are on the way. The two lanes of traffic from just south of Apalachee Parkway to just south of Tram Road will undergo expansion and beautification beginning this month.

Jerry Oshesky, the program manager for Blueprint 2000, says, "It's going to be six lanes of traffic, bike lanes on each side, two sidewalks, a straight sidewalk on one side of the road and a meandering one on the other with nice landscaping."

Officials say that all of this work will not be finished until October 2007, but the benefits will be worth the wait.

Jim Davis, the executive director of Blueprint 2000, says, "This additional roadway, or this additional ability to deal with traffic, will enhance that economic development along the area."

In the meantime you can expect additional traffic delays while construction is underway, but officials say it's a small price to pay for progress.

Davis says this phase of the project will cost $30.5 billion. The city will add at least another $5 billion to relocate and improve water and sewer utilities.