How Are Tax Dollars Being Spent?

With an increasing number of portable classrooms and overcrowding, the Thomas County school system is using a Special Purpose Local Options Tax, or SPLOST, to build two new schools.

A primary school will house pre-k and kindergarten, and a middle school will be for fifth through eighth grades.

Dr. Larry Green, Superintendent of Thomas County Schools, says, "We anticipate the revenue from SPLOST to be about $19 million and we're probably gonna spend about $23 to $24 million on all of our construction projects."

WCTV received an anonymous letter from a teacher accusing the school system of misusing the SPLOST money.

Dr. Green says, "The accusations would be totally false because we are governed, the resolution or the referendum that the people voted on, and you can't spend your SPLOST funds on anything but those things that are designated."

Harold Singletary, a fifth grade teacher at Cross Creek Elementary, says, "The SPLOST is definitely improving our school system and I invite anybody that wants to see how it's spent, just drive over to the bypass across from the high school and you can see two great examples."

The new schools are scheduled to open their doors next fall. Superintendent Dr. Green adds that they are in the process of building a ninth grade academy to transition students from middle school into high school. The academy is scheduled to open in the fall of 2006.