Perry Fires City Attorney

The attorney for the city of Perry has been fired.

Councilman Alphonso Dowdell says it was often hard to distinguish Bill Blue's personal opinion from the law.

Alphonso Dowdell says, "I decided to see if I could get some support in getting rid of him. I didn't know if I would have it or not; I made the motion and it went through."

Dowdell says that resident concerns also played a part. It is believed that Blue proposed replacing a single-member district as an "at-large" seat.

Dowdell says, "That upset the people because they were thinking that one of the minority districts would be eliminated. I don't know if that's true or not, but that was their concern and mine as well."

Blue denies that. In response to his termination, he says, "I have enjoyed the time, approximately eight years, that I have represented the city of Perry. I have no regrets and no ill feelings about the council's decision."

Blue says his firing basically just boils down to differences between him and the mayor. Attempts to get a comment from Mayor Pam Feagle were unsuccessful.

The vote to fire Blue was three to one.