Avoiding Pre-Wedding Cold Feet

Real-life runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks is supposed to be on her honeymoon this week. Instead, her fiancé John Mason is defending her actions and says he still wants to marry.

As you may have heard, Wilbanks skipped town days before a lavish wedding and claimed she was abducted.

Erika Bush is getting married for the second time this weekend, but to the same man, and was she stressed out and frazzled the first time she said "I do"?

Erika Bush says, "I wasn't because we went to Las Vegas to get married, which is why we're doing, five years later, the full thing now."

And even though this is a renewing of her vows, this bride to be admits it's still stressful.

"All of the things that are left to be done, making sure everything is right, family coming in, having things prepared for them and making sure the day is perfect, that's what every bride dreams of."

Those who deal with brides every day say while the wedding day is going to be stress related, there are some things brides can do to help alleviate the pressure of the big day.

Nikole Payne of The Studio Bridal Gallery, says, "I would just stay calm. Plan early. Make sure your friends and family understand your vision of your wedding."

Glenda Willard of Dreams Bridal adds, "Have your coordinator handle much of the stress, if you can afford it. If you can't then get yourself a great maid of honor that's willing to work and help you."

Wedding planners say the most important thing is "don't sweat the small stuff," and remember, a wedding is meant to be a celebration, and if that doesn't work, Bush says, "Go to Vegas!"

Wedding planners estimate that 15 percent of weddings are called off, but say some of those couples will still get married, but not in a traditional ceremony.