Arrest Made in Fatal Hit and Run of FAMU Student

Twenty-four-year-old Allen Rasberry was killed early Sunday as he and a friend walked home from a local nightclub.

The man arrested Wednesday says he saw the story on TV, but court papers show he didn't come forward until he realized police had already found his truck.

Thirty-four-year-old Willie Smart was arrested at the Leon County Courthouse when he showed up to face another traffic charge. Our cameras were the only ones there as he was whisked to the Leon County Jail.

His arrest is small consolation to the family of Allen Rasberry.

Brooke Jenkins, the victim's cousin, says, "The absolute grief that I feel has overcome me, and nothing, not even knowing who did it, has really made it any better or any easier."

Mikki Brooks, also victim's cousin, adds, "We're really curious about what happened out there and who did hit him, and why they left the scene, most importantly."

Tallahassee police investigators say Smart was driving home from a party in the wee hours of that Sunday morning and told them he thought he hit a log or a deer. His crime, police say, is that he never stopped to find out.

INV Ian Lee with the Tallahassee Police Department says, "He was adamant that he did not know it was a person he hit."

SGT Steve Gauding with the Tallahassee Police Department adds, "He said he'd been at a house party, but he did deny having anything to drink, and of course, since we did not get to talk to him that night we don't have any way to determine."

The big break in the case came Monday. A body shop owner in Cairo became suspicious of the Chevy pickup with the dented hood. He'd seen the hit and run story on TV. Court papers say Smart saw that story too and called police 14 hours later after realizing officers were already inspecting his truck.

Smart faces a felony charge for leaving the scene of a deadly accident.

As for the family of Allen Rasberry, they are still finalizing funeral arrangements back in his hometown of Chicago.