Avoiding End of the School Year Alcohol Related Accidents

A local group is trying to keep kids from making a deadly decision to drink and drive on these special occasions.

Chiles High School students are getting a crash course in the dangers of drinking and driving. By getting behind the wheel of a go-cart, they're getting a hands-on lesson as to what it feels like to be an impaired driver.

Ashley Singletary, a student, says, "You can't even control this thing; you think you are going one way and you go the other."

While the exercise was entertaining, drinking and driving is no laughing matter. Research continues to show young drivers between 15 and 20 are the most likely to be involved in alcohol related accidents.

Joe Thomas, Visions of Manhood, Inc., executive director, says, "Want them to see the effects drinking and driving can have on a family."

By putting on glasses, kids can see for themselves what it's like to have a blood alcohol level that's more than two times the legal limit.

Officials hope the exercise will drive home the message that drinking and driving don't mix. Wednesday's exercise was sponsored by the Visions of Manhood Community Trials Initiative, which focuses on reducing the availability of alcoholic beverages to minors.