Woman Murdered in Tallahassee Apartment Identified

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Baldwin was a psychology major and is described as a very bright and ambitious student whose murder remains unsolved.

It was a quiet Wednesday morning at the Campus Walk apartments on Tallahassee's west side, but questions remain about what happened inside Apartment 207-D.

That's where the body of 22-year-old FSU student Chaka Baldwin was found lying inside her apartment Tuesday night, discovered by one of her friends.

Shereyll Brooks, a resident at Campus Walk Apartments, says, "I just heard a woman, like, yelling and screaming, like something really bad had happened."

Apartment tenants can't recall anything like this ever happening.

Krista Brown, also a resident, says, "I'm scared. I'm scared to death, really, really, scared."

Not knowing what happened, Krista Brown says the news has made her a little more cautious.

Krista says, "Much more cautious; I'm scared to death because I go home late at night and come early in the morning, so I'm looking over my shoulder, under the car and everywhere.”

Members of apartment management say their thoughts and prayers are with the victim’s family and friends, Tallahassee's second murder victim this year.

OFC John Newland with the Tallahassee Police Department says, "Our hearts go out to the family of the victim, as this is a tragic loss for them and we hope everyone can get through this. We hope we can get an arrest soon."

In talking with FSU officials we understand Baldwin was registered as a junior with dreams of becoming a clinical psychologist.

Her last known permanent address is Sunrise, Florida, but still no clues as to who killed her or why.

The cause of death is not being released, pending further investigation. If you have information on this case, call Crime Stoppers at 850-891-HELP (891-4357).