Wine to Go

Governor Jeb Bush has a new bill on his desk waiting for his signature. If the governor signs this bill, it could make lots of wine drinkers "tipsy" with happiness.

Governor Jeb Bush's signature on a new bill would allow diners to take an opened bottle of wine home with them from the restaurant. Restaurant workers are hoping the governor signs the bill.

Amanda Bateman, a waitress at Paradise Bar and Grill says, "I think it's going to be great for business because that way, people are going to be more comfortable buying a bottle of wine knowing they can take it home."

And wine drinking patrons like Candi Antonetti agree. "It would definitely encourage me to purchase wine if I knew I could take home what I did not finish."

Bartender Morgan O’Brien says if taking home the bottle becomes an option, it might make the drive home a little safer. "Instead of them loading up on wine here, having four or five glasses here, and driving home, they can just take it home with them."

The bill still does have some stipulations, such as the diner must have ordered a full meal with the bottle of wine and the remainder of wine would be put in a state approved, sealable bag.

If the bill is signed, restaurants will have the option to offer the service to its diners; it won't make the service mandatory.

The bill requires the wine to be transported in the trunk or glove compartment for the trip home.