Cancer Statistics in Georgia and Florida

New numbers from the American Cancer Society show cancer in its many forms is a battle many will begin fighting this year.

The numbers are staggering in Georgia, estimating that more than 35,000 new cases of cancer will be diagnosed this year.

Georgia resident Sherrod McCall was diagnosed with bladder cancer earlier this year. He says he's ready for the fight. "You just have to have faith in the people you're dealing with, and I have one-hundred percent in the doctors and the nurses and technicians and all."

The statistics also show the types of cancer that will be most commonly diagnosed in Georgia this year. Female breast cancer leads the way with more than 5,000 new cases estimated. Prostate cancer is not far behind. Lung and colon cancer round out the top four.

Doctors say diagnosis for a cancer patient today brings more hope than it did thirty years ago. Dr. Steve Johnson an Oncologist at Archbold Hospital says, "We don't think of cancer anymore as being an automatic death sentence, and it's mainly due to earlier detection, earlier detection and better radiation doses. Everybody now knows cancer survivors; they used to only know cancer victims."

Doctors at Thomasville’s Archbold Hospital stress the importance of routine exams and screenings. Archbold offers first Tuesday cancer screenings; the next one is June 7.

In Florida, the American Cancer Society estimates a little more than 96,000 people will get cancer this year. Doctors say this number is not surprising.

For patients, new life-enhancing treatments are calming the usual fears. Bonnie Cape, a new cancer patient, says, "I really wasn't afraid because I've had so many family members that have had cancer. It was just an ordinary diagnosis to me." Cape has thyroid cancer, which doctors say is very complicated.

The American Cancer Society reports that prostate cancer, female breast cancer, lung and colon cancer are the most common types of cancer in Florida.