Thomasville Plan to Promote Progress, Maintain Charm

It's a growing city that still wants to maintain its southern charm.

A new wave of development, a neighborhood of the future may be just around the corner for the Rose City.

The Thomasville planning and zoning commission has made recommendations for traditional neighborhood development.

"A lot of people like the way our community looked, the way our buildings fit in, the way they complement each other. And that's really how the architectural standards got designed,” explains Duane Treadon, Housing Coordinator, Thomasville.

Treadon adds that the new neighborhoods would be more community centered, incorporating small businesses and green spaces.

There are also new recommendations for commercial business owners.

"We made it a little bit more flexible. Giving the developer and property owner some more choices,” says Treadon.

This would include more options in the types of siding allowed for businesses, and working more closely with planning and zoning staff.

"I think a lot of the reason for Thomasville's positive growth is because of the attractiveness of the town and the wonderful historic buildings we have. I don't think we should ever underestimate the importance of what we have here,” adds designer Charles Olson.

An "Architectural Review Board" was also recommended.

This new board would have the authority to look at design standards on an individual basis.

The Thomasville Planning and Zoning Commission only makes recommendations, the Thomasville City Council needs to vote and approve these new plans.