Wakulla County Residents Pause for Prayer

Prayers are being lifted for those serving our country, including those whose lives were cut short while defending our freedom.

There was a room of smiles and tears Thursday night at Crawfordville's Pioneer Baptist Church. There, a community gathered to honor fallen heroes.

Nat Whaley, a World War II veteran, says, "I think it's just important that we pray for them. The whole nation should pray for them."

Shyra Sumner, whose brother was killed in combat, says, "It's wonderful. It should be a lot of it. That's what it's all supposed to be about, us supporting our troops in hopes they return safely."

It was an open door invitation for anyone wanting to come and share what they remember about three soldiers killed from Wakulla County; one in Afghanistan, two in Iraq.

David Todd, a Wakulla County resident, says, "It's real important that we draw together in times like this when we are in a war situation. It's important to draw together and pray."

Prayers were also lifted for area schools, churches and public officials. Those who attended Thursday night's service believe prayer truly works.

Dustin Harris, a Wakulla County resident, says, "I think it's just about believing. If you believe, that's it."

Amanda Deal adds, "Prayer works a lot more than anyone can know."

The special service was an opportunity for families to put aside their differences and join as one body of believers.

Thursday was the 54th annual National Day of Prayer, always held the first Thursday in May.