Down, But Not Out

Like most people, students at Valdosta State University take things like the Internet and e-mail service for granted, until there is a problem.

On Tuesday morning, students and faculty had to deal with a major problem as the main computer server overheated and crashed. Officials say the problem was quickly recognized before any serious files were lost.

Joseph Newton of VSU Information Technology says, "They began shutting down services and so we didn't lose any data or equipment, and we're bringing them back up slowly and restoring services."

While computer users were inconvenienced by the crash, technology experts say the problems have been fully identified.

Students at Valdosta State University say they understand these computer systems can crash from time to time, but they say they're glad to hear the university is doing everything in its power to prevent future breakdowns.

Danielle Bundrick, a VSU junior, says, "It's happened before when I try and log on and I can't get on the Internet, and most of my classes are Internet related and WebCT is very important. It's just hard when the computers crash."

The technology experts hope to have the serious problems corrected during the next week, meaning students and faculty soon will be able to focus on their work and not on when their Internet and e-mail will be back up and running.

VSU tech experts say this could have been a bigger problem had the system crashed during the busier fall or spring semesters.