Wait to Skate

Cole Green is about a week away from his summer vacation. He and his friends had planned to spend the summer skating at north Lowndes’ brand new skate park.

Cole says, "We're really excited about getting off the Winn-Dixie parking lots and behind the mall because the cops run you off, which is really bad."

But unexpected rains and damp soil have delayed the opening of Cole's new skating destination until next school year.

Paige Dukes, Lowndes County spokesperson, says, "We are still shooting for some time between August and October. I know that's not a very specific date, but it all depends on the weather."

Not only will the skate park provide a safe environment for kids like Cole to come and play, Lowndes County officials also say it will have a substantial impact on the local economy.

Paige adds, “It's just one more thing to add to our area. Economic development is such a priority for everyone in our community."

It is why this $1.4 million complex will be sure to please any outdoor or skate enthusiast.

County officials say north Lowndes’ "Field of Dreams" will be well worth the additional wait. The recreation facility will also feature a boardwalk, multipurpose fields and walking trails.