Pack a Lunch and Put Your Back Field in Motion!

Traci Enitschke Neetch and her two daughters couldn't pass up the chance to picnic on the lawn of the courthouse one more year.

After living in Valdosta for 12 years, Traci says the brown bag lunch series is exactly what living in this community is all about.

Traci says, "Even though we’re metropolitan status, we're still small to me because we’re not that ‘big feel’ town. We're kind of that hometown feeling, and you can always see people you know."

After taking a look around, you'll see why. Organizers say the crowds at this year's brown bag luncheon far exceeded all expectations and predictions, and did I mention south Georgia crowds know how to eat?

Niki Knox, Main Street director, says, "We've had three different restaurants that have been on the front lawn with us every day, and they have sold out and have had to go back and get more food."

It’s proof downtown restaurants are the hot spots in town.

In addition to enjoying lunch right here on the courthouse lawn, folks say this event really spotlights downtown Valdosta, an area some feel is often overlooked.

Marvin Lee says, "The city of Valdosta has done a great job in making the effort to revitalize downtown. There's some good places to eat downtown whether it's lunch or dinner."

Organizers say the event introduces Main Street Valdosta to a lot of folks who never knew what they were missing. The brown bag luncheon series featured bands like Big Engine, Skanny-Ardle and 41 South.