Mr. Food: Painted French Toast

Every year it gets harder and harder to be creative when it comes to surprising Mom for Mother's Day breakfast. Well, whether it's dad and the kids who need some help or even some of us grownup kids, here's how we can paint our way into her heart like that!

In a bowl we whisk together 6 eggs and 1 cup milk, just like we do for any French toast, but the trick is to pour 1/4 cup of the egg mixture into each of 4 small bowls, adding a different food color to each dish, maybe red, blue, orange and green.

Then, with a brand new paintbrush, we paint each bread slice with whichever color egg mixture (or maybe even a combo) that we'd like.

Now we continue by dipping the painted bread into the reserved egg mixture and cooking it in a skillet with butter until golden. What have we got? Little personal works of edible art, hearts and smiley faces and messages all handmade by us that will melt any mom's heart! And when we serve our little masterpieces along with some warm maple syrup and a glass of orange juice, what a way to wish mom happy Mother's Day!

If you’d like the recipe, just send a self-addressed, stamped envelope marked "Painted French Toast," to me, Mr. Food, right here at the station, or pick it up in an instant online for a Mother's Day surprise that Mom will never forget! I mean, what mom wouldn't want a combo of their gang’s right-from-the-heart artwork and breakfast all rolled into one very special "OOH IT'S SO GOOD!!®"