Low Prices Cause Long Lines at Local Gas Station

Drivers all over the country are hoping to see prices drop even more. At one north Florida gas station, prices are so low it's causing a traffic jam.

As the prime travel season approaches, things are really starting to "pump" at the gas stations.

Ashley Simmons says, "It's going down. Earlier it was two something, now it's going down. It's been great."

The U.S. Energy Information Administration says gas prices are at a seven week low, and are still dropping, with Gulf coast states reporting the lowest prices.

Bill Trenchard says, "At least I get to see a one before I see the rest of it."

People are coming to the Conoco gas station in Gadsden County with empty tanks and leaving with full ones, but the really good news is their pockets are a little fuller too.

Ron Ellison says, "It's a mad house here, I drive back and forth from south Florida to Pensacola. This is the cheapest fuel in the whole state of Florida right here."

Economists are hoping to see prices drop so people will get out on the highways for those summer road trips.

Economists say the more people vacationing this summer, the more it pumps up the economy. People living on the west coast are taking the hardest hit with prices averaging at $2.44.

Gulf coast states are the cheapest at $2.15 on average.