Blue Crab Festival

The 31st Annual Blue Crab Festival brought the seafood lovin' crowds out to Panacea Saturday. It's an all day festival, but it's not just about the crab. This festival also has a competition that makes fish fly.

It's the mullet toss contest in Panacea, one of the main events of the Blue Crab Festival, which reels in folks from all around, year after year.

"Where else you going to find this? It's just fun. It's kind a like a zoo. It's fun to come down and do it and just see all the locals and enjoy the festivities of the area," said Charlie Johnson.

Besides the mullet toss, there's also a crab pickin' contest to see who can pick the most crab meat in five minutes, but the mullet toss is what really lures in the crowd and participants big and small, each with their own technique.

"You put dirt on your hands so the mullet won't be so slippery and you can throw it better so it won't slip out of your hands," added Jessica Manning.

"You just throw it like a football; try not to hit anybody, that's the trick," shared Johnson.

It’s good advice from last year’s mullet toss winner, and Charlie Johnson threw the winning toss again this year.