Florida Governor's Race Gets More Crowded

Six-year-old Charlie Gallagher filed the paperwork that made his father's candidacy for governor official. Minutes later, Gallagher stressed his experience.

Tom Gallagher says, "I’m better prepared now to lead than ever and I’m better prepared to define what I believe is the state’s future."

But family is the card Tom Gallagher is playing in this race. His two likely opponents for the GOP nomination, Charlie Crist and Toni Jennings, are both single. Gallagher calls his family his strength.

Gallagher says, "I can tell you that it’s a great advantage to me personally. There is nothing better than having a wife and a child who support you."

He also is advocating a constitutional amendment.

Gallagher says, "It defines the institution of marriage as a union between a man and a woman."

Unless GOP insiders can convince one of the heavyweights in the race for governor to switch to say the U.S. Senate race, this primary will be the bloodiest and the most expensive that the Republicans have ever seen.

The current governor says whomever is in must have a fire.

Gov. Jeb Bush says, "You have to have it in your heart and you have to do it hard. It’s got to be what you really want."

Gallagher has officially made the governor’s race twice before. Both times his image as a single playboy torpedoed the campaign.

Three Democrats have already signed up for the governor’s race: Congressman Jim Davis of Tampa, State Sen. Rod Smith of Gainesville and former Democratic Party chair Scott Maddox of Tallahassee.