Georgia's Window Tint Law Is Back

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After some tweaks, Georgia's window tint law is back. The law was repealed last year, but Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue signed a new version back into law.

The new window tint law is effective immediately. The original version applied only to vehicles registered in Georgia. The new law applies to all vehicles in the state.

All rear and side windows must now allow for at least 32 percent light transmission.

"I can see from a customer standpoint that they want their vehicle tinted so nobody can see in it to protect their personal belongings or whatever they may want to do, ya know," said Tint Works Inc. owner Keith Atkinson.

Driver Patty Young says she prefers dark tint on her windows.

"Personally, I like having my windows darker, makes your car cooler, saves on gas, heating and all you know, everything."

"As a law enforcement officer, when we make traffic stops, it's a safety issue. It's something that we're looking at. We can't see in a car. We don't know who's in the car, if they're reaching for a weapon," said Thomasville Police SGT Rachelle Denmark.

Thomasville police will not begin writing citations until June 26.

As a courtesy, the Thomasville Police Department will also check windows for motorists who believe they may be out of compliance. Thus far, the Thomasville Police Department is the only reported Georgia agency allowing a grace period.