Home on the Ranch

House parents at the Sheriff's Boys Ranch are enjoying some quiet time while the boys are all off at school.

While many have a few kids of their own, they've also unofficially adopted the 48 boys they help care for, and as the saying goes, well, “boys will be boys.”

Linda Bunte, a Boys Ranch house parent, says, "You put them on room restriction or you take the TV away. If they do something wrong, they have to come out and work in the yard a little bit, just pull the weeds. They're like your normal kids, they get restriction like mine do."

It's tough love at times, but Dan Frey is living proof that kind of love pays off in the long run.

Dan says, "It's no different than your family other than they’re not there; we are doing it for you."

Ashley Paulk, Lowndes County Sheriff, says, "We have a young man in medical school and he wants to be a doctor and come back and take care of the ranch for us. They come back. This is home. This is their family."

And with a $650,000 dining hall and kitchen on the way, boys say it's a well-fed family that'll be closer than ever.

When the Lowndes County Sheriff's Boys Ranch opened in 1960 it was the first of its kind in the Peach State.