Flooding Woes

Seven families in Madison County are fighting a losing battle with Mother Nature.

One walkway has become a bridge over troubled waters. Since February, the residents have been gaining a lake, but losing ground.

Emergency Management had to call in the Red Cross to help evacuate one family. The others can barely get to their homes.

About seven families are displaced and they have all tried to contact the county and city commissioners, and say so far they are not getting much help.

The problem is that rainwater is rushing into a depression and flooding into back yards. What looks like a serene lake scene is actually a washed out road.

You may recall we've been here before. Back in '88 the homes had to be evacuated due to flooding.

"All of us got put out that year and we were assured by the city and the county commissioners that this wouldn't occur," said Barbara Brown, a Madison County resident.

The county and city joined forces building a wall.

"But it just really didn't solve the problem and the water came back. It's not in my house yet, but it's taken my wife's shop, so she can't work," shared Curtis Johnson, a Madison County resident.

"Back in 56, 46, when the elders in this community moved in, they didn't have this problem. Back in 86-87 we had the railroad track flood, and what happened, they went in and put all these big drain-off pipes to keep the railroad from flooding, hence in 88 that's when we got to brunt of the flood," added Barbara Brown.

Residents hope someone somewhere will find a way to keep the pond in its place. Emergency Management says they've received 30 inches of rain in the past four months.