Happy Mother's Day

On this Mother's Day we introduce you to a Quincy woman who has raised generations of children.

These days at 94 years old, she's still actively involved in preparing the young for life. Her name is Emma Farmer, but her family calls her by a nickname they say she lives up to every day.

"As the Farmer family, when life has handed us the bittersweet, she is our sugar, that's why we call her ‘sweet mama,’ " shared Deryl Farmer Jefferson, Farmer's granddaughter.

When you meet “sweet mama,” it's her humor that quickly wins you over.

"This Mother's Day, I see you can look back and you see a crowd back there," added Emma Farmer.

Emma Farmer has 11 children and has continued to raise children for most of her 94 years, and still does so today.

"She's a mother for not only her children, her grandchildren, her great grand; she's a mother for neighbors. She's a mother for my child," said Mary Bailey, Farmer's daughter.

"Got 31 grandchildren, 50 great grand children and eight great, great grandchildren," says Emma Farmer. "I love my children, I always love children, so the Lord has given me plenty of them."

Emma Farmer and her husband, the late Pastor Farmer, raised some of her grandchildren themselves an often cared for neighborhood kids as well.