FCAT Scores Are Up

Throughout the Sunshine State, Florida’s third through tenth graders continued to show improvement on the FCAT. The latest scores show a majority reading and performing math above grade level, but the news is not all good.

On charts and graphs the good scores are going up and the bad scores down. Elementary students showed more improvement than middle and high school students.

"More Florida students are reading and doing math at or above grade level than ever before," said Florida Gov. Jeb Bush.

But the improvement is slight. Just over half, 53 percent, are reading at grade level while only six in 10 can do the math at grade level.

Jeb Bush says it took a generation of neglect for skills to be so poor.

"It will take a half of a generation of hard work to get where we can be proud."

The best news says education commissioner John Winn is that African-American and Hispanic students have narrowed the achievement gap with white students from 38 to just 16 points.

"I challenge any other state in the nation to show that kind of reduction in the achievement gap among its most struggling readers."

The scores from the test will be used to grade all of the states schools. The A through F school grades wont come out until mid June, but don’t expect today’s better FCAT scores to result in more A or B schools.

New tougher standards and the first time inclusion of exceptional ed students as well as kids who speak English as a second language in the school grades could mean there will be more failing schools.