Terrorist Attack Not Top Concern for College Students

Jacob Wessman is a TCC student who estimates his debt at $20,000, and that amount will likely double before graduation.

A survey published Thursday says more students fear college debt and being jobless than another terrorist attack.

Jacob says, "I'm pretty sure I'm going to get a job. I'm pretty sure terrorists will not bomb Tallahassee and so I pretty much don't worry about it right now."

But what students do worry about is finding ways to take steps in securing a future free of debt.

Jasmine Laster a junior at FSU, says, "Terrorist attack is not prominent now and I'm about to graduate, and I wonder where I'm going to get a job and how I'll pay off my loan."

The survey released by Partnership for Public Service says 45 percent of students will owe more than $10,000, and with tuition on the rise, that amount will like increase.

Sarah Jinkerson, also a Florida State student, says, "I know I'm a little bit in debt; you have student loans, you have to pay back in six months after your graduation. It's hard to find a job within six months. I know people who graduate with degrees and many have jobs at Staples or Home Depot or things like that."

Some students say the September 11th attacks are not on their minds because they're concentrating on trying to earn a degree rather than worry about a catastrophic event that may not happen in the near future.

More than 800 students were randomly chosen for the Internet survey conducted May 2 through May 5.