Local Lounge Busted for Allowing Nude Dancing

Police officers and sheriff's deputies raided Perry's Lounge after undercover officers got an eyeful.

The sign says "Candy Girl" Revue. Wednesday night, little did patrons at Perry's Lounge know cops planned to raid the club after what undercover agents saw last Wednesday.

LT Rob Swearingen with the LCSO Vice Unit says, "The undercover officers observed total nudity occurring, lap dancing. They had a private VIP room in the back that you could go for one-one-one sessions."

Six people wound up in handcuffs at the All Saints Street Club. Bar owner Carlton Perry, bouncer James Murray and four dancers all were accused of violating the county's nudity ordinance.

SGT Ernie Stoll says, "Previously undercover investigators and detectives had been in there. Noted from conversations with them that this went on regularly, the girls would return, and for the right money they'd take their clothes off."

Perry's Lounge was open for business Thursday, but employees inside had no comment and the bar's owner has yet to return our call. Most of the folks in the neighborhood laughed and shook their heads when we told them about the nude dancing bust, but few were surprised.

Ronnie Green, who works nearby, says, "He was probably just having a thing to boost his business. It's slow around here; most of the college students done graduated and went on. I mean, that's a known club around here."

Everyone arrested was charged with a misdemeanor, but the real trouble could come from the state of Florida. Agents with the Bureau of Alcohol and Tobacco were on scene that night and could suspend Perry's liquor license.