Local Middle School Excited About Coverage in National Magazine

Believe it or not, Sarah Webb's love for teaching shines through the most when a student is struggling or not making good grades.

Sarah says, "All of our teachers work really hard to make those parental contacts and make conferences to make sure our children succeed."

It's tough love, but it's that kind of involvement that's earned Lowndes Middle School national recognition by a popular education magazine.

Jessica Tonn, writer for Education Weekly Magazine, says, "The focus, since my paper is for educators mostly, is what schools and communities can do to keep parents involved in what their kids are doing in school."

Through the article, LMS will teach other schools throughout the nation how to do just that.

Educators at Lowndes Middle School say the recognition in Education Weekly Magazine is a nice pat on the back, but say they aren't doing anything that isn't a part of their job description.

Sue Vannortwick, a parent, says, "They call us with important information and it's been effective for me because I can get it on my answering machine and don't have to worry about being there or missing it."

The story will feature the middle school's parent resource room, teen screen program and community partnerships.

Teachers say the recognition proves teamwork is the key to these kids educational success. Lowndes Middle School will be featured in the June 8 issue of Education Weekly Magazine.