All "Grown" Up

The landscape is changing along Highway 84 in the hospitality city where new businesses and developments are popping up.

Mary Alice Henderson, a Cairo resident, says, "I think Cairo is growing; I think it's good to have them so people have somewhere out for pleasure. It's just nice out here on Highway 84. I enjoy it."

And there's a lot to enjoy from the new Wal-Mart Supercenter to the future site of Badcock's furniture. Some local businesses have even upgraded their surroundings.

Tee Bridges, the president of Stone's Home Centers, says, "We've experienced an increase of about 25 percent traffic in the store. Ticket counts are up, sales volume is up about 13, 14, 15 percent just since moving."

Development officials in Cairo said the development along U.S. 84 is needed to serve their growing community.

Rick McCaskell, the director of Grady County Joint Development, says, "When you look around, there's, housing is growing. Industrial parks, we've got two of them now and both of the have considerable building going on and plans for more buildings. It's just a natural progression. We're growing."

And like the traffic on Highway 84, there are no signs that the growth along the roadway is slowing down. Cairo development officials say they hope growth along Highway 84 and throughout the city continues at its current pace.