Missing Children Alerts on Your Cell Phone

The wireless communication industry is doing its part to help get the message out.

The Amber Alert, Levi's Call; no matter where you live or what it's called, when you see one of the alerts you know somewhere a family is in anguish, waiting and hoping for the return of their kidnapped child.

Agent Tom Berlinger, FDLE spokesperson, says, "Ideally, you want to get a kid back in an hour or two. From a statistical standpoint, if a child has been gone in excess of 24 hours, the outcome is usually never good."

FDLE says the message about a missing child needs to get out to the public fast to better the chances of getting them back safely, but speed is just one issue; the more people who know and are looking, the better.

Tom Berlinger says, "When they first started off, the alerts would go over TV or radio."

Now the wireless communication industry is going to help get that lifesaving message out via text messaging.

Marcia Laws with Graylink Wireless says, "Everybody these days has a cell phone. If you're not near a TV or radio, that's the easiest way to get the message across."

Tom Berlinger adds, "We also can sent them to alpha numeric pagers as well or blackberries."

Now the power is in your hands to put a quick end to what can sometimes be a terrifying experience for all involved.