Pickle Plant to Be "Preserved"

The old Roddenbery pickle plant will soon be getting a makeover and a new lease on life.

The Grady County Joint Development Authority is purchasing the plant from former owners who moved their business elsewhere. After some renovations, officials from the county development authority say the plant will become an industrial complex.

Members of the community welcome the decision.

Elijah Anderson, a Grady County resident, says, "They need some industry in Cairo because there ain't no jobs for the young people. They need some jobs for the young people; the old people don't need a job, but the young people really need a job."

Officials from Grady County Development say this $350,000 purchase won't just create more jobs, but will also preserve a part of Grady County's history.

Rick McCaskill, the director of the Grady County Joint Development, says, "We all ride over the overpass everyday and see this building; it's the one thing when you ride over the overpass that kinda stands out, so people ride over the overpass and look over here and see what we've lost, and so we really want to turn that around."

County development authorities say rent for potential tenants will be low, estimated to be about $1 per square foot.

For many in Grady County though, the cost of preserving local history is priceless. Officials from the Grady County Joint Development Authority say they already are negotiating with several potential tenants for the complex.