Mr. Food: Indoor Herb Gardens

Imagine the fragrance rewards and taste rewards that come with the convenience of having our own fresh herbs right at our fingertips to add to our dishes, and no, we don't need a big backyard! All we need is a window or patio; one with a lot of daylight for our plants to blossom is best.

If we would like to start from scratch, we can pick up some herb garden kits or inexpensive seed packets at our market or home and garden center. The most popular choices that will grow easily from seeds are dill, basil, oregano and parsley. We place the seeds in soil in small pots.

Simply water them and before long they will sprout into healthy plants whose leaves or seeds we can enjoy as fresh as picking them.

Of course, if we want to get started right away, we can pick up mature plants. Those favorites include mint and chives, along with others, but there are a load more varieties! Yes, the plants are a few cents more, but for right away, they're worth it!

And when your herb garden is in full bloom, don't be afraid to use it! Snip some fresh rosemary to season your chicken, or maybe basil for homemade pesto, cilantro for salsa, parsley for a garnish! You get the idea! And remember, the more we cut our plants, the more they will grow. It is really easy to have a really fresh "OOH IT'S SO GOOD!!®"