Summer Energy Bills: Ways to Save

Soon the higher fuel costs will begin to hit at home. So far, so good; the fourth coldest April on record and a mild start to May have kept energy usage close to average this spring, according to city officials. Enjoy that low energy bill for now because things are soon to change.

Reese Goad, City of Tallahassee Utility Accounting Administrator, says, "As prices continue to increase and consumption will naturally continue to increase, we're expecting much higher bills."

About four percent higher than this time last year says Goad, because the higher energy prices in the marketplace are passed right on to the customer, so if you're looking to save dough, now is the time to start, especially with your a/c.

Bob Seaton, City of Tallahassee Retail Energy Services Manager, says, "The cost of air-conditioning will go up about 12 percent per degree when the setting is below 78, so at 73 degrees, the cost is about 50 percent or more higher."

In addition to keeping your thermostat at 78, turn on the ceiling fan, set your a/c fan to auto, shut blinds and curtains during daylight hours, and request a free energy audit. It seems that these higher prices will keep rolling.

Reese adds, "What our forecasts are suggesting to us is that next winter could be even more than this winter."

So city utilities says be prepared for the higher bills for some time to come. City utility officials say good insulation can keep the hot air out of your house and save you big on your next bill.