Weed and Seed March in Tallahassee Neighborhood

Hundreds gathered to weed out drugs and violence and plant seeds of hope Thursday night.

There were parents, children, community leaders, all tired of giving drug pushers and other criminals the upper hand.

Paula Lewis, a resident of Providence neighborhood, says, "When I walked up the top of the hill I saw all of the policemen and I said why not join? I live in the area."

Those who live in Tallahassee's Providence Community couldn't help but hear the hundreds of voices and the footsteps of the marchers during Operation Weed and Seed.

Clydie Ray, a marcher, says, "My church, Tabernacle Missionary Baptist Church, is down the road from this community, and we do a lot of work, helping it get better, getting out the drugs and everything."

Following the march, residents wore yellow hard hats to show that they are rebuilding their community. More specifically, the many families drugs and violence tore apart.

Angel Watson, a parent, says, "I want my kids to do the right thing, to finish school, get a good education, go to college. I don't want them to mess up their life."

Walter McDonald, pastor of Providence Baptist Church, says, "I think we are presenting a united front to tell the drug dealers as well as the users that we don't appreciate their conduct in our community."

In other words, it’s a community that doesn't stand for something will fall for anything. Tallahassee has been officially recognized as a “weed and seed” site since 1996.