Gadsden County Courthouse Security Concerns

Now the second judicial circuit judge is hoping to acquire funds from Gadsden County commissioners to purchase more security equipment.

It's a typical court day in Gadsden County as circuit Judge George Reynolds hears a civil case, and as a security measure, two bailiffs are present to curtail any problems.

Morris Young, Gadsden County Sheriff, says, "What we've done to offset that is to hire more security officers there and use some part-time and reserve programs to help out with security.”

In addition to the staff, metal detectors have been installed to make sure no one is armed when they go to the judge’s chamber, and monitors are closely watched.

Although those measures are in place, the trial court administrator says judges are hoping to acquire funds to have more equipment at the courthouse.

Grant Slayden, a trial court administrator, says, "We've installed better locks and increased the security procedures and training in the courthouse, and with this money we're requesting from the county commissioners on Tuesday, we're looking to enhance those things."

Sheriff Morris Young says the enhanced security will make a difference not only for the judges, but for those who come to court.

The judge is hoping to purchase panic alarms and other security devices. The county commission meeting is scheduled for Tuesday, May 17.