Cleaning Up Accident Scenes

If you're a deputy of a small town, you sit and wait. Now, area sheriffs are requesting more on-scene privileges.

Suwannee County Sheriff Tony Cameron says at the scene of a fatal accident protocol dictates that because the Sheriff's Office does not have a traffic homicide investigator the ball is in the court of the Florida Highway Patrol.

"You have to wait until the Highway Patrol gets their investigator there. He photographs the scene and he gives permission to photograph the scene. It's really their call."

Cameron says it's difficult for FHP to respond to smaller counties, which means sometimes bodies sit for hours before being removed from an accident scene.

The sheriff of Madison County says that he has similar concerns. He says he has brought this to the attention of the Florida Highway Patrol. He, along with the county, are forming a partnership with the troop commander to help alleviate this problem.

Peter Bucher, Madison County Sheriff, says, "They are doing an excellent job in working with us, trying to work out some of those concerns so that we can relieve some of the pressure and stress on many of the people that come by these traffic scenes."

Sheriff Cameron says his main concern is clearing a scene as soon as possible. Sheriff Cameron says he would like for deputies to be allowed to take photos of the scene and remove bodies themselves.