More Response Needed in Georgia for Recruiting Paramedics

Emergency managers in Lanier County, Georgia say they're seeing a very bad trend the rural parts of the Peach State, growing shortages of emergency first responders like paramedics.

That's why they're holding demonstrations, trying to get high schoolers interested in becoming an emergency responder.

Howard Moore, Lanier EMS Director, says, "We have already tried to get some older people interested, but we didn't start early enough, so we're trying to start in high school getting these people interested in it because this is usually when they decide what they want to be."

Students at Lanier High School say they were very impressed by the demonstration they saw. While not all of them were impressed enough to join the medical field in the future, students say they do have a newfound respect for the work paramedics do.

Randy Lamb, a student, says, "I have a lot of respect for what they do. I think they do a good job and help people out; that's good."

Jessica McCardle adds, "I'm really glad they're out there to take care of me and my family and my friends when we get in accidents and they should be appreciated more."

Appreciation is nice, but these emergency responders say they are hoping more people will step up to the challenge and prevent any serious under staffing in their hometown emergency response crews.