A Taste of Havana, Florida

Just north of Tallahassee and just south of the Peach State line sits a sleepy southern town called Havana where even honey bear the dog cashes in on an afternoon cat nap, yet come lunch time the town comes to life and locals pack the Main Street buffet, Havana's gathering place for a southern delicacy.

"The fried chicken brings them in," says, Nancy Bradley.

If southern comfort food doesn't tempt your taste buds then spread your wings at the Mocking Bird Café where violins are strung from the walls and fine art compliments the cuisine.

Ronald Warner says, "Everything homemade, fresh, everything well thought out and been working on for a long time."

I say tomato, you say tomato. However you like it, Gadsden County is home to the red round fruit, making it the perfect place for a tomato cafe and tea room.

Betty Crockett, a patron, says, "I had the stuffed tomato with chicken salad it was delicious, and soup."

Now you've gotten a taste of what the friendliest town in Florida has to offer.

Just outside the town limits is a popular place with thick steaks and a bring your own beer policy; Nicholson's Farmhouse is a well known fan favorite for locals as well as out-of-towners.