Business in the Sunshine State Is Booming

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Predictions from the Travel Industry Association are looking pretty good for Florida. It says Americans are going to be traveling in record numbers this summer, and most of them will be coming to the Sunshine State.

Business in the Sunshine State is booming.

Guy Thompson of the Leon County Development Council says, "Our numbers are up, slowly, better. Florida is still here. The hurricanes didn't wipe us out, and we're doing everything we can to tell the rest of the world we're up and ready and opened for business!"

Experts say that Americans are ready for a vacation, and despite high gas prices and expensive plane tickets, people are going to use their vacation time; most of them will do it in Florida, and will drive to get here.

"We're very fortunate. We're seeing increases despite the price of gasoline, but it's still far and away the least expensive way to get to a destination," said Thompson.

Soon to be vacationer Julie Bohn says, "Even though the gas prices are up, you gotta take it that way. I'll also be traveling to Tampa."

The Travel Industry Association says while on vacation this summer, people plan to visit different cities, national and state parks, theme parks and festivals, and of course they plan to hit the beaches.

After making hurricane history, predictions of a record number tourist, it's a enough to give Florida a sunny disposition.

The Leon County Tourism Council says 20 percent of the state’s income is from tourists.