College of Medicine Graduates

Saturday nearly 30 students became the first graduating class from Florida State University's College of Medicine.

Less than a decade ago many of these students had no idea they would become the first to graduate from Florida State's medical school. On this commencement day the decade old dream of a medical school became a reality.

"You were pioneers stepping into this rather uncertain unsettled environment full of faith in Florida State University's commitment to you at least you acted on that faith and you seem to have a great deal of faith in yourselves," shared Sandy D'Alemberte, FSU President Emeritus.

President T.K. Wetherell says the school faced opposition from the American Medical Association which felt there were too many doctors already in the field, but he says the College of Medicine was necessary for the future of FSU.

"When you look at what it took for the university and what was the best step for this university to continue its march towards hope of admission into AAU, a college of medicine is a vital part of that particular goal," added T.K. Wetherell.

So while these graduates blaze the trail into their future they've also laid the groundwork for medical students who follow in their footsteps. The graduates came from FSU's campuses in Orlando, Pensacola and Tallahassee.